Breeze Hose Clamps

Made in Saltsburg, PA

AZ-Supply is proud to offer a full array of Breeze clamps designed by the NORMA Group, a world leader in innovative, high performance joining technology. All Breeze clamps are manufactured to stringent aircraft, vehicle, and international quality standards. While many have tried to imitate or approximate these products, Breeze clamps have no equal in their design, utility, and performance.

Breeze clamps meet the highest engineering standards and are available in a complete array of models to fulfill virtually any specification, including Breeze Worm Gear, Miniature, Power-Seal, Aero-Seal, Liner, NAS, AN and MS series, Hi-Torque, Constant-Torque, Make-A-Clamp Kit, T-Bolt and V-Band Clamps. Each Breeze clamp offers high quality and reliability every time.

Our Breeze Clamp Selection

At A-Z Supply, our catalog features a multitude of Breeze products. Some of our most popular and best-selling items include:

Breeze T-Bolt Clamps

These stainless steel clamps provide excellent coverage and are specially engineered for maximum durability and longevity. With their uncompromising strength, Breeze T-Bolt Clamps are a perfect fit for marine, industrial, and automotive applications.

Breeze V-Band Clamps

The V-Band model provides some of the fastest and most secure couplings available for flanged joints. They are extremely high in strength and offer excellent sealing, making them well suited for common applications including turbochargers and diesel engine exhaust.

Breeze Make-A-Clamp Kits

Designed for maximum flexibility, these reusable clamp systems are an essential tool for variable large clamp requirements. Among the most versatile clamps on the market, the Make-A-Clamp allows a user to simply cut off as much banding as needed to create a clamp ranging from 3" in diameter upwards.

Breeze Power-Seal Clamps

This general purpose Breeze seal is excellent for most automotive and industrial settings. Featuring superior strength, the seal exceeds the most stringent industrial standards, including all applicable SAE requirements. These power-seal clamps are suitable for all standard applications.

Breeze Constant-Torque Clamps

Equipped with leading edge clamp technology, Breeze Constant-Torque models allow the clamp to increase or decrease its diameter automatically when encountering operational and environmental temperature changes. These constant pressure clamps provide maximum protection while helping hoses to keep sealing pressure consistent.

No matter the specific clamp requirements for your project, A-Z Supply maintains a full variety of Breeze clamps in stock and available to order. For further information or to request a quote, contact the A-Z Supply team directly today.

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