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Viking Drill’s high-speed steel and cobalt drills are designed, engineered and superbly crafted to provide long-lasting durability. Consistency is a natural byproduct of their experience and dedication to quality.

Their extensive selection of American-made tools is designed to give you the right tool at the right price for whatever tough job you come up against, manufactured to the tightest possible specifications and utmost in consistency and accuracy.

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Viking Drill and Tool creates products that are characterized by quality, consistency, service, and value. Its products are superbly designed and manufactured for long lasting performance. The company is known for producing the best high-speed cutting tools in the US. And what’s more, their products are 100% made in the US. Viking’s high-speed steel and cobalt drills and cutting tools are designed to endure a lifetime of rigorous use.

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Why Use High Speed Steel?

High speed steel (HSS) is a type of steel specially formulated for tooling applications. The material is harder and far more heat resistant that high carbon steel, and can therefore be used for drilling into metal, hardwoods, and virtually any other construction material.

The chief benefits of Viking drill bits and cutting products are:

  • Longer cutting life - a nitro-carburized flute gives their tools a higher Rockwell hardness than competing products
  • Tighter hole sizes - Viking tools are self-centering, which minimizes oversized hole drilling
  • Ability to cut hard materials - a flatter tool point results in a higher torque forced into a smaller area, resulting in smaller chips
  • Cool, low torque operation - the flatter point and amber gold surface treatment results in less friction
  • Prevention of drill walking - a split point design allows for accurate drill starting without the need for a centre punch

Viking Products

Viking HSS General Purpose Jobber Drills

Featuring a 118-degree point, this jobber drill bit is useful for ferrous metal drilling applications.

Viking Ultra Bor Super Premium Jobber Drills

A higher 135-degree split point tip allows for even faster penetration and better starting accuracy. Maximum lubricity is ensured by a gold surface treatment.

Viking Metric Jobber Drill Sets

Heavy-duty, split-point design for drilling into hard metals including stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, titanium, and also certain plastics. The cobalt design permits 30% higher cutting speeds.

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