M.K. Morse Circular Saw Blades

Morse Metal Devil® NXT Circular Saw Blades

For saw blades that combine the strength to cut tough materials with the durability to hold up under tough conditions, consider the Morse Metal Devil® NXT Circular Saw Blades. These blades feature a manufacturing process that brings together state-of-the-art plate technology with modern carbide science for superior metal cutting in the most demanding applications.

Morse Metal Devil® NXT blades produce smooth cuts and have an extremely long cutting life because new technology minimizes stress in the carbide tips. This optimized tip design reduces vibration resulting in the lowest cost per cut.

A-Z Supply offers the full line of Morse Metal Devil® NXT Circular Saw Blades for all types of metal cutting applications. Compatible with circular saws from leading manufacturers including Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Morse, Dewalt, and Panasonic, these blades are offered in steel, aluminum, thin steel, or stainless steel for metal cutting applications ranging from I-beams to thin metal plates.

The combination of metal cutting technology and science creates a revolutionary blade capable of keeping cool in extreme metal cutting applications. The exceptional wear resistance, minimal heat transfer, and cutting speed set these blades apart from the rest.

Features & Benefits
  • Hardened steel inner plate features unique combination of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide tips brazed to the teeth for extremely long cutting life
  • Exceptional design and construction enables faster cutting
  • Specialized metallurgy keeps heat transferred to the inner plate minimized which keeps freshly cut metal edges cool to the touch
  • Reduced cutting vibration

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