Devcon and Permatex

Made in Solon, OH and Danvers, MA

For over 50 years, ITW Devcon (ITW Polymers and Adhesives) has been a manufacturer of adhesive technology and products that have been used in applications such as industrial assembly as well as maintenance and repair. The company's main brands are Devcon® and Permatex®.

Devcon designs and manufactures a comprehensive product line that includes OEM adhesives, maintenance and repair products. Devcon products include Metal Repair, Flooring Repair, Rubber Repair, Epoxies, and Gasketing to name a few. The Permatex line of products includes Anti-seize and Lubricants, Gasketing, Thread Locker and Thread Sealant, as well as Hand Cleaners, such as Fast Orange.

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Permatex Pumice & Smooth Lotion Hand CleanersPermatex Pumice & Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaners